Home Inspiration, Janne Peters

December 13th, 2007

Lovely images from photographer Janne Peters, whose website is definitely worth a look for the interiors and the very delicious looking food photography.  Yum.


  1. oladios says:

    I like white but I find this color very cold ;
    3rd and 4th are just too much , especially
    the 4th – reminds me hospital .
    I like when white interiors are filled with colorfull
    bits and furniture – I can live with that ;)


  2. Casey says:

    Oh! Thank you for posting this link… I am so inspired now! :)


  3. you are so SERIOUS eye candy on your blog. i am so inspired. thank you!!


  4. Iris says:

    its just too adorable and nostalgic! i like your illustrations! i would be really glad if you took a little look at my illustrations on my blogg!


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