Kris Chau, for a bright friday

March 26th, 2010

Kris Chau is amazing. I love her paintings, there’s such lovely movement in the line work and colour washes.

(all images by Kris Chau)


  1. Helena says:

    Wow. I really like the use of biological motifs (veins, vines etc).


  2. Clare says:

    I love these, they’re like dreams…

    I just featured you in my last blog post, you’re one of my 10 favourite things :)

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  3. thanks for introducing her art, kris. i’m equally as impressed as you are. superb stuff!


  4. Nedda Ebo says:

    Thanks for sharing! I enjoy the innocence and childlike style in her art, like something you would see in a children’s storybook. And her use of colour is fab. x


  5. kristine says:

    cutest bikes, i hope these are available in the US! the red and white is nice but i think the black was a good choice for such a big purchase.


  6. maybemayest says:

    ohh i really love them all ! <3
    beautiful sketches *


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