10 things

March 22nd, 2010

1. Merci & Liberty collaboration. The little suitcase!!!

2. Strawberry Shortcake striped tights on the cover(s) of Lula issue 10.

3. Vintage things arranged by colour from Forever is today (great photos on the blog in general).

4. Photographs by Andrew Waits.

5. The Men Who Built Magnitogorsk series by Lizzy Stewart. You can see it at Leeds College of Art and Design until the 26th of March too.

6. Possibly the perfect bag by Palmer & Sons.

7. Know It All/Chef’s pencil sets from Paper Pastries.

8. The Vamoose blog. Insight in to the development process of a jewellery designer and banging inspiration posts.

9. Gorgeous AW10 collection by Karla Spetic, with print illustration by Caitlin Shearer.

10. People I have never met and conversations I have never had by Harrydrawspictures.


  1. Rachel says:

    The print illustration by Caitlin Shearer is amazing!
    I bet in the future you could do a collaboration like that, who wouldn’t want that with your drawings as well?


  2. Helena says:

    ‘Can I have an icecream?’. HA HA HA.


  3. Clare says:

    That suitcase is darling! I love The Vamoose, the way all of the development is shown is amaze!

    tweet tweet tweet



  4. goldene says:

    i discovered the vamoose blog about a month ago and it’s definitely worth a bookmark…


  5. Brigadeiro says:

    Love so many things! The Liberty collaboration, the perfect bag, the tights and Karla Spetic!


  6. joana says:

    the small liberty suitcase is lovely but damn you for showing me the palmer and sons bag. damn you to hell and back. it’s absolutely gorgeous! the problem? as a struggling pastry student i don’t have wads of cash to dispose off on fancy but utterly delicious bags like theirs. :(


  7. STEFANIE says:

    Ooh! How amazing is the Liberty & Merci collection!
    Didn’t know Karla Spetic but loving it as well!


  8. Nedda Ebo says:

    Ahhh #1 and #3!! That yellow typewriter is so cute and it’s such a lovely photo. Also, the half-yellow half-pink sweater in #9. Very cute stuff. :) x


  9. tommy says:

    I’m on the waiting list for the Liberty suitcase. Will be really crushed if I miss out. And the Vamoose link, so great. Love Forever is Today shot too. Thank you.


  10. Lolo says:

    Oooh… really nice collection of things!
    I love those striped tights and number 4… those photos are amazing!


  11. kat says:

    ahh, i badly want a pair of stripey strawberry shortcake tights!


  12. Mandy says:

    The striped stockings are just divine !!!!! Really great post.


  13. Kiersten says:

    These are so nice. I want those pencils!


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