The Golden Age of Couture

November 4th, 2007

I went to this exhibition at the V&A ages ago and completely forgot to blog about it until now. I went on a friday which was an experience in itself, I had no idea the V&A have a dj and a wine bar in the main entrance on friday evenings!

I would like to have a tiny moan about not being allowed to takes photos inside though. Such a ridiculous rule. Ban flash, don’t ban photography all together. I fell in love with an amazing Balenciaga cocktail dress which I couldn’t find a picture of anywhere. In the end I just drew the damn thing!

I don’t think I did it justice really!

The dolls were the best bit though, the tiny couture outfit replicas were incredible.

(read all about her here)

and here are a few dresses from the exhibition book:

The Golden Age of Couture at the V&A is on until the 6th of january and you should definitely check it out if you can. I liked it a lot.


  1. Jess says:

    Hi! I love the picture and photographs, i felt compelled to comment because the girl in your lovely drawing has my hair!! I love it :D


  2. Sara says:

    oh no! i won’t be back in london until the 11th of january!
    fashion exhibits are excellent, and the v&a is one of my definite favorites. what a shame, to be missing this.


  3. Lil says:

    Wow, that looks amazing. I wish I was in a decent travelling distance of London. :P


  4. Cal says:

    Ohhh, you definitely did it justice! I recognised it before reading it, haha. I went the other day and saw the exhibition, some of those dresses were heavenly. I’m annoyed I didn’t buy the book though.


  5. Lauren says:

    I think that is one of my favorite pieces by you. Will you be selling it, per chance??


  6. Mary says:

    This wouldn’t be it, would it? This piece from the MET is kind of similar….


  7. Casey says:

    Oh! I’m so jealous that the V&A is having that exhibit! :) I’m dying to get my hands on the book that accompanies it, since I can’t fly over there and see it for myself. ;)

    Don’t know if you’re already aware of this, but those little wire dolls have an entire book about them. I just love looking at all the tiny pieces of couture:

    Your rendition of the Balanciaga gown is gorgeous!


  8. kirsty says:

    your drawing of the balenciaga dress is awesome. i want a dress like that in real life now :(


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