“I want to go to there”

March 6th, 2010

Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany by Luiz Pires

There are so many places I want to see, I’ve been browsing and bookmarking and basically putting together travel porn (oh dear, that phrase isn’t going to be good for my blog search results is it). I’m going to Nice in may and maybe Davos in the summer, so that should satisfy me for the year. If I had unlimited funds I’d do a leisurely Trans Siberian Railway route through Russia and then travel around China and Japan. Where would you go?

St. George Orthodox Monastery in Wadi Qelt, Palestinian territories by Adam Fink.

Hanoi, Vietnam by Larpoon.

Iceland by orvaratli.

Prague, Czech Republic by Adam Gut.

Crystal River Mill, Colorado, USA by Rob Lee.

North Coyote Buttes near the Utah and Arizona border, USA by coulombic.

Varanasi, India by Larpoon.

Dalat, Vietnam by Larpoon.

Oia in Santorini, Greece by marcelgermain.

Brennisteinsalda volcano in Iceland by ystenes.

Honningsvåg, Norway by richard mcmanus.

Fribourg, Switzerland by Adam Gut.

Erg Chebbi sand dunes, Morocco by mikemellinger.

The Old Town of Edinburgh, Scotland by letsgetjetset.

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  1. Clivy says:

    Wnderful collection. Thank you your collecting and sharing job!


  2. Oia in Santorini, Greece is where I want to go. These are gorgeous.


  3. Rockie Hipster says:

    All of these places are advertising! ^_^


  4. Rosalie says:

    I want to take these pictures behind a middle school and get them pregnant.


  5. irfan says:

    Great collection and thanks for sharing. Makes me wish I was out travelling and I would love to go Machu Picchu


  6. Mai panchal says:

    Neuschwanstein is so beautiful. I was there last October.


  7. Chelsea says:

    I went Germany back in 2003. I visited and went inside the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany. It was beautiful! And the snow that covered it at the time was just breathtaking!



    Neuschwanstein Castle! THATS MY CASTLE! last name got changed a little when came to america but ITS STILL MY LAST NAME :D


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  10. marilyn says:

    Those places look so beautiful..I have always wanted to visit Japan, Greece, China, Russia and Peru I hope I will be able to go there someday ^^


    salome riingen says,

    February 12th, 2011 @ 2:48 am

    Those are beautiful countries! Just by reading their history it’s already interesting. How much more when you see these places? Amazingly wonderful!! I can’t wait to see!!


    marilyn says,

    February 18th, 2011 @ 4:48 am

    It s true they have a fascinating history. I hope the future would allow us to visit!


  11. tehk says:

    thats some sick porn!!


  12. Can I come with u?


    SK says,

    February 21st, 2012 @ 3:22 am

    EXACTLY what i was thinking:D maybe i can tag along u know?


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  14. Hanoi says:

    A few of my mates and I have been to and taken that exact same photo (third one down) at the Rooftop Cafe in Hanoi!


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  16. FoxyReign says:

    The North Coyote Buttes pattern is superb!


  17. hancock says:

    oooh yeah edinburgh, my hometowwn ;)


  18. TJ says:

    Wow!! I want to go to Madrid or Ibiza. I lived in Iceland 02-03… such a clean country! I love your shots!


  19. Julie says:

    I want to go to Iceland so badly. It looks like a really pretty place that so many people tend to forget about.


  20. Graham says:

    When I see these amazing photo’s I wish I could visit all of these places, however this takes loads of money (which I haven’t got) so I am very grateful to you for these photos.


  21. wow! We live in such a beautiful world… love the Icelandic shot in particular


  22. Dave says:

    Been to all these places, great memories. Still going strong, see you somewhere


  23. Silverlizard says:

    Great now I have even more places on my list of places I want to go to but can’t afford to travel too! These places look incredible.


  24. Dave says:

    planning to do the original route of the orient express next year. should be a blast. cheers and happy travels


  25. I’d love to see hanoi, vietnam, They say traffic is less there because the roads are filled with motorcycles which take less space on the roads.


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  27. Delhi Hotels says:

    Really wonderful places. I wish to go everywhere once in my life…


  28. Noida Hotels says:

    nice location and places. if i get a chance to visit then sure come.


  29. Ben G says:

    You don’t need all these fancy places! I’m jealous you live by the sea in Brighton :)


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  31. Natasha says:

    Ew. Saigon (aka Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam is SOOO much greater than Hanoi. I may be a bit biased since my family is from the south, but Hanoi was just so much less friendly and hot and boring. But another great Vietnam destination is Sapa. SO BEAUTIFUL!! And Hoi An… and Nha Trang. The whole country is beautiful! Except for Hanoi haha.


  32. Natasha says:

    Oh but other than that, wonderful places! I plan on going to India, Greece, and Morocco this summer!


  33. SARA says:

    Omg. They’re all so beautiful.


  34. Kansas Leigh says:

    I’ve been to Neuschwanstein, and I have to say it was one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places I have ever been to. You should look up Brasov, Romania. That was by far my number one favourite place I have ever been to.


    Helen says,

    April 3rd, 2012 @ 11:04 pm

    My friend Melaine and her husband Chris went to Neuschwanstein just a few months ago. She bought me a handmade doll with the picture of this castle on the apron. It is original Schneider Germany . Oh, to be able to visit, would be grand !!!!


  35. Lila says:

    It somehow reminds me of my childhood. Like dreams i used to have and that sort of thing. Like when I used to pretend, and dream of being a princess. ….. i’m a dork. ….:}


  36. Irie says:

    Never give up on your dreams! These places are gorgeous and from personal experience the real life view of Oia in Santorini is just uncomparable!! If you want to go to these places with all your heart, someday you will go, i do not doubt it. Same for myself and everybody else :)


  37. MEH says:

    You should rather go to Saltstraumen, Bodø than honningsvåg ; P


  38. Jill says:



  39. Ewald says:

    Thanks for so great post!


  40. Tonophoto says:

    Neuschwanstein is definitely beautiful I was tree las year.
    I just thought I share another castle. This one is in Cartagena Colombia


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