A dreamy dress

October 22nd, 2007

I have a new wired remote so now you shall be subjected to me in front of the camera, as well as behind it. (The dress is by Traffic People and though it matches my skin colour almost exactly, I am quite enamoured.) So that’s what I wore on friday while I traipsed to south london to put my name on a list for a workshop that got canceled. Frustrating!

I’ve had a quiet weekend, punctuated by buying a lot of hosiery, a couple of cashmere cardigans and a stack of books I don’t have time to read or room to store. This really undid all my good work ebaying and de-cluttering. Why am I such a hoarder? I also went to see Atonement last night and it wasn’t half bad. The Keira Knightley bits were quite inoffensive, I would even go as far as saying that the pouty one is growing on me. The costumes and sets were all very beautiful. It’s definitely worth a look.


  1. Lauren says:

    Wow I love that dress, and that cardigan! I’m desperately trying to find a sweater in that lovely cherry red, but have yet to have any luck here, stateside.

    Also, I wanted to ask about your last entry – where on earth did you find that beautiful cup and adorable spoon? They just look so delicate and pretty, I have a hard time finding such beautiful things for my tea and coffee!


  2. Berry says:

    that.dress.is.gorgeous!! i’m obsessed with frilly dresses and blouses.
    i’ve never heard of the brand but i’ll definitely have to look them up.

    All I seem to ever buy is lingerie, perfume and books. i should start my own
    library just to see my floor once in a while.


  3. Sarah says:

    You look exactly like your characters. It’s very charming.


  4. Danette says:

    The last two pics are BEAUTIFUL. Wow. And, you look perfect in the dress and bright red cardi.


  5. Stephanie says:

    mmm perfect length for a cardigan i feel.
    where is it from?


  6. kirsty says:

    it’s the same colour as my skin too, haha.


  7. Lils says:

    I love these photos. I’m reading Atonement at the moment, I’m really enjoying it and I’m looking forward to the film. :)


  8. gilles says:

    nice nice, lovely nice !


  9. Marina says:

    I love love love the dress! It looks perfect on you!


  10. limonete says:

    wonderful dress.


  11. Lilliputty says:

    I love your photos!

    Where on earth did you find that cardigan? I’ve been looking for one that style for ages. Where did you buy it?


  12. Kajsa says:

    Amazing pics! Just amaaaazing!


  13. tsilli says:

    i just got the same dress! :)


  14. jess says:

    Cor. You are very beautiful :)


  15. kris atomic says:

    Aw, I never answered the cardigan questions, sorry guys! It’s from uniqlo! x


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