10 things

March 10th, 2010

1. a) light up globes and b) fantastic photographs by Rune Guneriussen.

2. Handmade dolls in tiny replicas of SS10 outfits by Andrew Yang in a shoot for The Block magazine.

3. Posters from International Poster Gallery, an amazing place to buy wall art or lose hours browsing.

4. Shortbread buttons tutorial by super talented Nikole.

5. Lovely collection of drawings from toy museums by Krystina Litten.

6. Same hill, different day a photo series by Paul Octavious.

7. More dolls! Mad Men Barbie and Ken in sharp little outfits.

8. Hark! A Vagrant comics by Kate Beaton.

9. Space nails by Fiorella.

10. Guardians of Russian Art Museums, a clever and charming project by Andy Freeberg.


  1. r. says:

    everything you post is always so inspiring.


  2. Brigadeiro says:

    Those handmade dolls are incredible! Love their little replica outfits! But I am now off to look up on those amazing shortbread cookies! :)


  3. I really want those “Mad Men” dolls!


  4. Clare says:

    I thought my favourite image was the first one and then scrolled down to find more amazings! The button shortbreads are so pretty and Kate Beaton is a genius.




  5. Essi says:

    Great finds. This was the first time for me to see the Mad Men dolls. Superb! The kiterunning photoserie is amazing – I wouldn’t say no to a big print.. :)


  6. those space nails are to die for. they are so pretty.


  7. annahita says:

    the nails are just amazing! just did them on myself, will post picture soon!


  8. […] • Same Hill, Different Day is a charming photo series by Paul Octavious. (via krisatomic) […]

  9. Anna says:

    Everything about this post is amazing. AMAZING.


  10. […] {source : New York Times via Krisatomic} […]

  11. Henna says:


    Really nice blog! Think I’m gonna follow it :)


  12. Eleanor Jane says:

    I love the photography projects you’ve linked to, particularly ‘Same Hill, Different Day.’ Your blog is always perfect for a visual pick-me-up!


  13. Anja says:

    Kris, I don’t get how you manage to find so many cool things out there in the interweb world all the time! I’m seriously in awe!


  14. […] For two years, Paul Octavious visited this beautiful hill, snapping exquisite photos in a variety of settings. From dawn to dusk, the Chicago photographer takes us on a visionary journey, highlighting the locals, four seasons, and unique experiences he encounters along the way. Each day on the mound is a new adventure, and it’s compelling to watch the stories unfold. Appropriately titled “Same Hill, Different Day,” I’m definitely inspired to head for the hills. [via kris atomic] […]

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