No “what came first” jokes!

October 16th, 2007

I’ve been working on my elective and getting annoyed with nearly everything I’ve shot. I quite like how the egg pictures turned out though, there is something quite satisfying about them.

I’m escaping in to a world of calming photographs because our house is so cluttered and messy at the moment. There’s all sorts of redecoration and builders hammering at the crack of dawn and the floors are covered in dust and bits of wall. I’ve barricaded myself in my room to plan more photo ideas, listen to audiobooks and drink buckets of water. I definitely feel a cold coming on though. I always, without fail, get ill in october.


  1. Berry says:

    that’s a super cute idea! i love the all white feel and doilies.

    ugh redecoration is such an annoyance. i remember once i woke up to some
    guys talking. i opened my eyes and they were at my window just looking at me!
    when i opened my bedroom door to leave there was a guy on a ladder blocking
    my path. so annoying!!

    do you guys have airborne tablets over there? they are a godsend.
    take them the moment you feel a cold coming on. they’ll knock you
    on your butt for a few days but you won’t get sick!


  2. Stefanie says:

    I love the first set with the chicken, there is something in the details I really am drawn to.


  3. Casey says:

    I love these! :) Take care of yourself and hope that cold doesn’t develop!! :p


  4. Rachel says:

    These photographs are great. :D


  5. Kim says:

    Ditto to what the first person said about Airborne; it tastes like liquid cardboard but is a definite godsend in times of impending sickness.

    The egg photos are so, so wonderful. I could see them being printed and framed in very Baroque-ish ornamental frames.


  6. Lils says:

    Love these photos, hope you don’t get too bad a cold. :)


  7. Kari says:

    I love these photos;

    Unrelatedly, I’ve been a longtime (livejournal) watcher and noticed recently you switched over here. Really admire your stuff. Anywho, saw this ( in the news today, and wondered if you’d seen it yet and if so, what you thought. I’m very intrigued by the whole thing, but I haven’t any connection your lovely land across the pond. Wish America weren’t so puritanical and we could discuss controversial work such as the above like adults, and without rioters…



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