Cravin’ Carven

February 4th, 2013


When I’m shooting shows or browsing collection photos (tragically, a task I look forward to immensely, though the number of collections major designers bring out every year is bordering on the ridiculous nowadays), I mentally split everything I like into two categories – the “fashion likes” and the want-in-my-wardrobe likes. The fashion likes usually involve big poofy gowns, pleasing colour combinations or lots of embellishment, pattern, embroidery and shiny shit (reason being: most fun to shoot/draw). The in-between seasons (pre-fall and resort) are the best for searching out the clothes I’d actually like to be wearing though. Carven‘s pre-fall is especially on point, I would happily wear it as a uniform.

Especially digging all the blazers, leather jackets and cocoon coats. And my favourite tomato red colour. And the chunky jumpers. And those socks are giving me Prada ’06 Meisel campaign vibes, surely the finest tribute to thigh socks in modern times. Ok, brb, replacing all my black with navy, Carven ilu.


(Illustration by me. Photos from, god bless her and all who sail in her)


  1. Lustful. Delicioso. Looking forward to seeing you. x


  2. Julia says:

    Oh my!!! That grey and brown coat is to die for!!


  3. Charlene says:

    These are amazing, especially the ones you put on the first line. It’s very understated-chic.


  4. *love* these outfits – daily uniform suitable definitely!
    Although … replacing black with navy? *shriek* Never! ;)


  5. Daria says:

    I’ve always loved your illustrations!!


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