Lazy sketchbook

October 12th, 2007

I still haven’t painted my dolls because I’m indecisive! Maybe I’ll start tomorrow.


  1. elizabeth says:

    Look at me scurryin’ over here from the old faithful (eljay) to leave a comment. I’m hip to the e-jive blogging business. Anyway, ahem. Please paint your dolls! Your sketches look incredible! I did mine ages and ages ago as Girls from Around the World. Canada has a coon-skin cap, it’s pretty swell. But yes, I love those suckers. I’m not the world’s grandest undiscovered painter, but! it was so much fun I’m sort of considering buying another blank set.


  2. Kaja says:

    These are so fabulous!


  3. Jenny says:

    I love the idea!


  4. Lils says:

    Love these, they’re so cute. :)


  5. lina says:

    these could almost be some matriochkas! :-)


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