What I wore to draw this, how meta

November 30th, 2009

I’ve had a few days off work and been trying to get properly back into drawing (which seems so hard after a break, everything so stiff and unnatural!) and what better way than jumping on the What I Wore Today bandwagon? I’ve been wanting to join in for ages, it’s so fun seeing all the different drawings. Below are some of my favourite WIWT-ers, check out the flickr group and the blog too.

(Lizzy Stewart)

(Gemma Correll)

(Caitlin Shearer)


(Carolyn Alexander)

(Ines Christine)


  1. cristina says:

    this is very inspiring. thank you : )
    I might get my skinny butt into action and begin to draw again


  2. Lizzy says:

    happy to be included in your lovely selection of ladies! your drawing is ace and has reminded me that I love doing WIW drawings.


  3. Hannah says:

    Great post! I love this! Ive been meaning to do it too – must do it over xmas!
    Love your blog and illustration and pics, can get lost in it all for ages! much love x


  4. These are so adorable Kris, great job!


  5. Isabel says:

    Oh, I absolutely love this! In fact, I recently blogged about something similar.


  6. Hafsa says:

    Aww, I love it, your stay at home outfit is something I would probably wear out, it is very very cute :)

    Keep up with the drawings, I wanna see more!


  7. sofia says:

    I love your outfit :D


  8. Anna says:

    Wow, I love this!!! And I got inspired to jump on that wagon myself. ;)
    You’re style is amazing! If you’re illustrations came on T-Shirts or basically anything, I’d buy it immediately.
    Check out my blog if you’ve got the time! xx


  9. yumna says:

    ha! i made a similar post on my blog recently..anyway! i love your outfit :P


  10. Piper says:

    Great artwork! Thank you for sharing. Just found your blog…and already know you’re “good people” with the Pugs not Drugs piece on the sidebar. ;) We have 2 pugs and LOVE them. –XOXO


  11. Windsor says:

    I love this! It’s awesome! When I was younger, I loved to draw pictures of insane outfits and shoes and design different things. I now hate to draw and paint instead. After seeing all of these pictures, I really want to participate! Thank you!


    grace says,

    December 9th, 2009 @ 11:18 am

    SNAP me too expect i love to draw and paint now


  12. Jen says:

    so nice to be included in your what i wore today selection. decided to wear my denim shirt today after seeing this!
    & thanks for the tumblr posts too, you’re too sweet.


  13. grace says:

    hey just found out about the blog and I’ve found my true love.


  14. Emilie says:

    Yours is lovely :) What medium did you usee?


  15. mitch says:

    I just found this blog on the Frankie website.
    Love it! very inspiring. Makes me itch to get the
    sketch book out.


  16. WishWishWish says:

    […] my outfit to show you (does my dedication know no end?!), then I realised I couldn’t draw..but these images are certainly inspiring! Perhaps when I have my new desk and have found my favourite […]

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