Friday flickr favourites

September 21st, 2007

1. Pez!, 2. Untitled, 3. fika, 4. drafting,
5. birthday party, 6. , 7. you are puppets, 8. Best poster ever in a bakery,
9. stjean_70, 10. Más vale tarde que nunca, 11. red square, 12. Untitled,
13. banners (detail), 14. pinkballoons, 15. Pink, 16. martha tissue paper flowers


  1. Michelle says:

    beautiful selections, kris! and may i ask how you got the pictures in that grid? i’ve seen it done here and there, but i have no idea how or what is used (photoshop? irfanview?). if it’s fairly simple, could you tell me? if not, it’s okay, i’ll just browse around till i find a guide or summat. take care!


  2. kris atomic says:

    hey michelle!
    I use this –
    easy :)


  3. Lils says:

    Yay, alliteration, lol. :) Lovely selection. x


  4. Michelle says:

    thanks kris, you’re a darling!


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