Some of my flickr favourites

September 15th, 2007

1. the issue of eyesight, 2. LES GIRLS, 3. Afternoon tea, 4. week end find,
5. tinyplate, 6. what’s new in phoebe’s room, 7. ., 8. magdaclutch3,
9. scone for one, 10. Tea Room, 11. Drawer finds, 12. 5583_dan_golden_cover,
13. nature morte, 14. DSC_3462, 15. mushroom trio, 16. lips peacock feather


  1. goodness girl You have marvelous taste! Your blog is inspiring me to get my blog back into action!


  2. Lils says:

    I love this little collection of your flickr faves, it’s fab! :D The cat’s expression in the last row is just priceless. x


  3. kris atomic says:

    Kimberly – thank you! your blog is great so I’m glad to have inspired you! x

    Lils – The cat is the best, totally!


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