Feels like winter all over again

March 25th, 2009

I love these illustrations by Bjorn Rune Lie from his book Slapsefjell. Like the best picture books, there is lots to look at in every spread and the colours are beautiful. The book in his own words:

‘It’s “a day in the life” of a made up mountain village in Norway called Slapsefjell (Slush Mountain), where you are taken on a tour around the town centre and ski slopes, get a chance to meet some of the local characters and see what’s going on. It’s a “homage” to the Norwegian winter,  the culture of cabin trips, skiing and the great outdoors’

I particularly like the above image because it looks a bit like the view from my window right now! I’m in Davos again and it’s cold as hell. Though I won’t have time to go skiing or play boardgames this time, these images really perked me up today.

Bjorn’s Portfolio site & blog.


  1. chelsea says:

    Oh goodness! This is fantastic.


  2. Kim says:

    These are beautiful! I love the color palette so much, it definitely makes me think of “slush.”

    And I immediately thought of that photo of yours, too, when I saw the first image! How funny.


  3. Aaron says:

    Oh wow, these are great! I love his style.


  4. sofia says:

    Loves it!


  5. fifi lapin says:

    I absolutely adore the ski-ing elephant man!


  6. Mari says:

    Woha, this remindes me of my childhood! Really norwegian :)


  7. Sal says:

    They’re lovely … and capture the most joyous bits of winter and cold weather.


  8. Andy says:

    I adore the color palette. It’s very warm.


  9. kate endle says:

    Ha! I’m driving through Norway as I type and it’s very snowy looking just like these illustrations. The colors of the houses are truly that yummy- like candy. The light is very white and makes everything look crispy. Thanks for the inspiration!


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