Paris photo diary 2

September 25th, 2011

“Souvenirs”: Kusmi teas, Penhaligon’s Eau De Cologne (English company, I know I know), Ladurée Macarons, Etoile Isabel Marant boots.

Itinerary in brief: Palais de Tokyo (though it was mostly closed unfortunately), Musée d’Art Moderne, shopping (Printemps, Repetto, Colette), Jardin des Tuileries, picnic dinner in the hotel room (eat all the cheese etc), Musée de l’OrangerieMusée des Arts DécoratifsLadurée (you have to, don’t you) and a whistle-stop tour of Château de Versailles. We were only there for 3 nights, but we managed to cover quite a bit. I’m back in Paris again in October, with friends this time, so looking forward to doing a lot more eating/drinking (my mum is an awesome travel companion, but as a a tee-total vegan who doesn’t  even drink caffeine, she’s not much fun in that department!).

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  1. Ilaria says:

    Do you think that the marant boots are good quality? I was not convinced when I was holding them..
    Thanks and fab pictures as usual!


  2. What stunning pictures! I’ve never been to Paris and I’d LOVE to go… perhaps a little bit more so now!


  3. Laura says:

    all these paris pictures make me want to go there so badly! x


  4. Awesoe Pictures!

    The Bootlace


  5. Filipa says:

    Hey there Kris!

    Just found your blog today and totally feel in love with it. Love your photography style.
    I was just wondering… What lens do you use? Is it 50mm 1.4 (Nikon)? Seems like it, ’cause of the lightning and definition..

    Also, these last posts really makes me wanna go back to Paris.. What a photogenic city.

    Keep posting amazing pics :) Bye!


    Kris Atomic says,

    September 25th, 2011 @ 9:24 pm

    It’s the Canon 50mm 1.2 :)
    Thank you! x


  6. {gemmifer} says:

    What gorgeous photos! Now I want to visit Paris even more than ever before!


  7. Jacqueline says:

    Such a gorgeous set of pics. And I agree with all of the above — makes me want to visit Paris even more.


  8. Anna says:

    wowwww looks like you had an amazing time! i miss paris!


  9. kitchu says:

    i only wish i had taken my best cameras with me when i was there in 04. beautiful shots!


  10. Cynthia says:

    Lovely pictures of my not so new town. Good luck for your mom, I have a hard time finding vegetarian meals, vegan meals are almost impossible to find :/


  11. Kristina says:

    aw, i want to Paris! i’ve been there but i wish i had my eyes photographically well trained back then in 03 and 06.
    i am a huge fan of your photos, love especially the red color you capture, so very special.


  12. hena tayeb says:

    Gorgeous photographs.. brings back lovely memories of Paris. It was a time before we were parents.. which was not really that long ago but somehow feels like years..


  13. anne says:

    oh you are in paris! are you there for fashion week? maybe I’ll see you there!


  14. Thanks for the Paris shots :) I miss it a lot, and especially Versailles. We use to live about 10 min. away from there and I would love wandering the grounds. What a beautiful place!!!


  15. melwa says:

    as always: absolutely gorgeous photos.


  16. Emma says:

    I used to live in Brighton for University and now I live in Paris, so nice to see wonderful pictures of both on your blog. :-) Have a great day!


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  18. Gracie says:

    Love! I went to Versailles a few weeks ago, the sun was out, I cried as I turned onto Avenue de Paris, so beautiful! Wow a vegan in Paris, I found it hard to even being vegetarian there.


  19. ina says:

    Love these pictures so much. I used to live in Paris so I get really nostalgic when I see these ones. Question! Are these taking with your 5D or the Fuji one?


  20. mat says:

    i think your blog is ace


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