Comptoir Des Cotonniers, yes please

September 2nd, 2007

It’s september, thus officially autumn. So I can stop pretending that it’s warm and summery and begin hoarding cashmere jumpers again. Thank god. I bought a long charcoal grey cardigan from uniqlo yesterday to celebrate. I also spotted that a new Comptoir Des Cotonniers shop opened in Richmond recently (or a while ago, I never go to Richmond so I wouldn’t know) which made me squeal a bit under my breath. Everything was so lovely in white/grey/black, it was like a very francais heaven. I was feeling really ill so only had a quick look, but am going to return on monday to investigate further. I need that cape in my life asap!

Since coming back from Reading I’ve had the traditional Festival Cold which has left me snotty, cloudy-headed and unable to get anything done. I’m only now feeling a bit perkier and starting to whittle down to my immense to-do list, though my sketchbook is still lying on my desk, all lonely and unused. Tomorrow, tomorrow.


  1. Berry says:

    I love the grey outfit on the right. That top looks comfy.

    What on earth happens to sinuses at festivals? I always end up clutching
    a box of tissues for a week afterwards.


  2. tamsin says:

    Mm, I am hapy about autmun too, I celebrated by buying nice thick tights and yummy snuggly cardigans yesterday. I love those light grey trousers, sadly my hips would make them a bad choice for me I feel. x


  3. Lauren says:

    Oh I love Comptoir des Cotonniers! It makes me so sad that we don’t have them here in the states, but when I was in Paris visiting my family over the summer, I bought so many pretty things there!


  4. stella says:

    omg we have that shop here! I just found out.
    You have no idea of the trouble you got me into, miss!


  5. AK says:

    I love these outfits (and those boots – very festival chic & their shoes!) so much. What’s the price range like there?


  6. those waxed jeans are pretty great


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