Catgirl dresses like this all year round

November 3rd, 2008

I hope you all had a good Halloweeny time, if you’re into that kind of thing. I hate Halloween so I ignored it completely! I saw Quantum of Solace on friday though, which was disappointing and kind of stupid.


  1. Kim says:

    lol @ the title. Catgirl’s dress is tdf! Meee-yow. I can definitely understand how it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but in my family Halloween was as big of a deal as Christmas!

    What a bummer to hear about Quantum of Solace! I do like Daniel Craig (and who doesn’t love James Bond?!) so I’ll likely end up in the theater anyway.


  2. Lani says:

    i like the furry-ness of the outfit. i don’t like halloween that much either, i completely forgot it was until i saw people wearing pumpkins.


  3. Ginny says:

    Terrible news about QOS – was so looking forward to it!
    Also ignored Halloween – as did most of Australia.


  4. Gala says:

    You’re probably asked this all the time, but what don’t you like about hallowe’en?


  5. Rachel says:

    It was quite funny reading your post because I am not into Halloween either, however if I were to dress up one year, I would definitely go as that cute little lady you painted :D


  6. Lil says:

    I love the cat girl character.


  7. mimi says:

    i dont’t like halloween. or rather i don’t like halloween. we have beautiful old traditon of the day of the dead(or holiday of the dead). on the november 1st we go to the cementery, dressed nice and we put flowers and candle lights (sort of a jar in a fancy shape. usualy red, orange or yellow). imagine how it looks in the evening! thousands of graves and milions of little candles in the dark. it’s a day to remind yourself everyone you knew, and died. think about them for a minute(nice things!). stop for a while. in this teribble rush we are now all the time, this is time to stop and think about life. and death if you want.

    we never had a halloween tradition.within few years we somehow incorporated it from states. people started to dress and drink more heavily this certain wekeend. i don’t actualy imagine how children go treat or treating, but i’ve heard they do so. he he. imagine an old lady’s who never even HEARD od halloween face, when she opens her door and sees bunch of dressed up kids screaming for sweets..

    i was a cat lately(as most of the times though), so probably i would dress up as marie antionette or a pirate (male pirate)



  8. stella says:

    what upsets me most about halloween is that is not even tradition here in italy, but as always the average italian is more than prone to follow any american/english fashion. We have carnival to play dress up.
    That said I love dressing up and I’d love to have more excuses to do it more often, like catgirl! hehe

    Seriously dude, if I were to see a James Bond movie that’s exactly what I would expect: stupidity and even more disappointment than I estimated ;)


  9. tig says:

    Was wondering about Quantum of Solace — now I know. Thanks for the review :)


  10. Anka says:

    I hate Halloween too though not as much as I hate Bonfire Night. And I second the Bond film review!


  11. Mimi says:

    Oh no! This post made me sad because

    a) I had no idea it was possible to hate Halloween! (I love it more than Christmas)

    b) I was so looking forward to QOS!


  12. Hannah. says:

    I’m glad to find some like-minded people. Halloween always seems a bit forced, although Catgirl deserves an award for her devotion!


  13. betty says:

    lovley illustration!


  14. anna says:

    ha I hate Halloween too.

    Catgirl is amazing. The red hair is amazing.


  15. saskia says:

    Cool drawing! Love her hair and her clothing.


  16. Catherine says:

    I love Catgirl, especially her booties!

    Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but mostly because I love dressing up in costume.


  17. NIKI says:

    I like that one!


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