Trawlin’ the archives: group photos

June 15th, 2011

Empire Games rehearsal, c. 1938

Female art students at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden

Children in a ring, Pinnarp, Östergötland, Sweden

Indian Men’s Hockey Team, Empire Games, Sydney, 1938

St. Andrew’s School class, c. 1930s

Class 1A percussion band, c. 1940s

Mexican inaugural party musicians, 1921

Children’s birthday party at the home of Mrs Lucy Jane Moran, Todman Ave, Kensington, Sydney, 1930s

Children’s kindergarten, c. 1930s

School tunnel ball, Sydney University, ca.1930

Girls dancing, c. 1930s

Olga Spessiva, prima ballerina, and the Dandre-Levitoff Company, Sydney, 1934

Baby ballet show, c. 1930s

People in Lysekil park, Sweden

Display at Catholic girl’s school, c. 1930s

Schoolgirl rowing spectators at the Head of the River, c. 1930s

Class at the Denishawn School of Dancing, including Doris Humphrey, Charles Weidman, Martha Graham, Louise Brooks, Robert Graham

Pupils of Denishawn School posing for publicity photo

The girls at Kråkeneset

Farm, western Norway ca. 1890-1910

A group portrait of 5 cousins

Physical Culture Class from the Poole Collection.

“Slå på ring”, Folkefjellet.

The Høidahl-children ca. 1917

Family portrait, Moster Kvalø

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  1. Jessica says:

    This was so much fun to look through!


  2. Shinypigeon says:

    These are amazing.
    Is it just me…or do you look for people in old photographs who look like you….just me then? Oh…ok.


  3. Alex says:

    I love how the schoolgirl rowing spectators all have completely different expressions but they are all equally unimpressed!


  4. Nadiah says:

    Ah, these are so fantastic. Great finds!


  5. Melissa Jaine says:

    Fantastic images! I was inherited with old (obviously! :) photos from my Grandmother’s side of the family, and have been thinking of doing a weekly post with them – thanks for helping me make up my mind that it’s a good idea! :)


  6. Trixie says:

    Fun post! My favourite is the kindergarten picture and they’re all covering their eyes from the sun! xx


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  8. Freddi says:

    So fascinating! wow thanx


  9. bebe says:

    These were amazing! the striped suits were the best.


  10. magda says:

    wow, I LOVE these photos!


  11. Hannah says:

    These pictures make me wonder if people were happier without TV, internet and so on. Activities were social and got people outside and excercising. Not to mention you probably had 8 brothers and sister to play with!
    Nice selection :)


  12. mary jane says:

    what a wonderful collection


  13. Ali says:

    oh I love all of these! I want to comment on each one but I got overwhelmed by the amount of them! I love that so many are from sydney, too. thanks for sharing these! I need to do some archive diggin’ myself!


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