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September 23rd, 2008

Meighan of My Love For You posted about Yokoo a couple of days ago and I immediately got obsessed by thoughts of gigantic scarves, snoods and cowls. It’s suddenly super cold in my house, so it seems completely reasonable to covet a scarf the size of a small sofa throw. You can buy Yokoo’s amazing knits on her etsy shop and see more on her flickr. I really really want about 10 different things, but I’m going to think about it and consider my options! They are a tiny bit pricey, but they’re hand knitted and beautiful and I would rather support a small business than Topshop.

This oatmeal one is my favourite.

It’s also made me think about trying to knit again. I’m a pretty crappy knitter, I’ve only ever successfully made half a scarf back in ’06 (below) and several tangled messes. I think I’m going to crack open Stitch ‘n Bitch, watch some knittinghelp.com and try to remember how it all works. I’d quite like to make a big ribbed grey scarf, with some fancy pom poms on the ends.

I’ll let you know how I get on, within the next two years hopefully!

More gigantic knit inspiration by Giles Deacon. How big must the knitting needles have been!

A nice scarf I found on the Urban Outfitters Europe flickr.


  1. re: giles deacon

    yes!! i’ve always wondered who / how they made those enormous scarves.


  2. Megan says:

    i would recommend (if you don’t mind cheap acrylic/wool blends like the one used in the scarves above) buying lion brand’s “wool ease chunky” wool for making thick scarves. the more you double the yarn up, the chunkier your scarf will be. as long as you know how to do a basic rib stitch, you could easily knit one of those scarves for cheap, so cheap that you could probably make about five of your own for the price of one made by somebody else. also, chunkier scarves knit up quicker which is less frustrating when you are just learning how to knit.
    i do not mean to insult this yokoo person, but i knit quite a bit and i cannot even imagine giving someone (let alone charging $110 for) a basic scarf made out of a synthetic blend. just thinking about acrylic wool makes me cringe…


    cam says,

    September 25th, 2008 @ 4:23 am

    i was thinking that too! $100+ dollars for a scarf made with acrylic wool is kind of ridiculous.


    obsessed with wool says,

    March 10th, 2009 @ 2:12 pm

    omg i totally thought the same thing! anyone who oesn’t knit, or doesn’t know fabric is going to totally get duped into buying this acrylic blend crap! and then find out that it is itchy and HUGE and not even WARM but more than likely just uncomfortable, for 110 dollars you can get yourself some large addi turbos and some kick ass natural fiber yarn and go to town on that scarf


  3. Colleen says:

    I’ve been browsing your site for awhile, but never commented! First time for everything, I guess. Anyway, thank your for sharing these amazing knits! I’m dying to buy one of those warmers or scarves.


  4. karen says:

    ooh! i saw yokoos stuff maybe < a year ago? i loved her scarves! but even the delicious looking yarn is quite expensive from what i remember, so i would say it’s totally worth it if you have the money!


  5. Amanda says:

    lmao those huge ones really make me laugh. they’re a little bit too big for my likings. but i really do enjoy the rest. the lime/pea green one is gorgeous!


  6. Mimi says:

    Re:Giles – that’s my kind of knitting – the bigger the needles the quicker it’ll be done :)
    The last thing I knitted was a big ass soft-as-can-be blanket for my daughter when I was pregnant. She’s just over a year and LOVES dragging it around and laying down on it. YES!!
    Good luck with the scarf – (scarves and blankets are as far as I go too) LOL


    Toulouse says,

    December 21st, 2008 @ 11:18 pm

    Oh my GOD
    do you know how to make those giant scarves?
    like Giles Deacon’s style?
    can you PLEASE tell me where can I get the things I need to make one?
    just tell me everything I need to make one PLEASE!!
    I really want one…


  7. meighan says:

    start knitting again! it’s the best, therapeutic and creative.

    i have been wanting a big cowl, and i have been searching for a good pattern to knit…and lo and behold that is when i saw yokoo on etsy. i did the math…and with figuring out the pattern or buying it, then buying the yarn and THEN the time it will take to knit it…i have now ordered my cowl from yokoo. ;) that way i get an awesome cowl and like you mentioned…i’m supporting an artist. we all win!


    meighan says,

    October 15th, 2008 @ 4:19 pm

    i just wanted to say i got my cowl in the mail yesterday…and i LOVE it. i do understand some of the commenters concerns about acrylic yarn…but i have to say yokoo’s knits are like nothing i have seen. her stitch alone is CRAZY interesting. it’s not just a knit/pearl pattern…it’s something i have never seen in a basic cowl. i’m stoked i supported a woman who is doing it for herself. i am totally happy with my cowl & am excited for when it get’s a wee bit colder so i can sport it!


  8. Lucie says:

    i might start knitting again too. i was looking for inspiration… this is awesome. over-sized is awesome :)


  9. Heïdi says:

    You can’t get a cold with that knit !!!


  10. detour2mode says:

    i always wear big scarf even if it’s not trendy…but that year will be mine!


  11. kaz says:

    these are adorable! i may have to purchase one!!!


  12. me says:

    Have u seen the knitted dresses by sandra backlund? they r amazing!


  13. Cate says:

    these are all gorgeous.. i’ve been lusting after an oversized scarf myself ever since i encountered this one by dior homme: http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk221/lapoupeesucree/nn1cec.jpg ..


  14. raquel says:

    cool in concept, but they seem a bit difficult to pull off without looking like you got your head stuck in a giant beehive.


  15. Rosie says:

    i just purchased something lovely from Yokoo the other day, a custom knitted chain (I was dying for the thick and delicious looking fig warmer, but my finances restrained me!) and I can’t wait to receive it! But more than anything seeing her knits makes me feel just as you do: how I wish that I were a much better knitter than I am! However, more than anything I notice just how expensive wool is nowadays, which seems so silly: handmaking things used to be a cheap alternative, and yet nowadays it is more expensive to hand knit a scarf than to buy a generic Topshop version! it’s a sad thing.


  16. kati says:

    those giant yarns are gorgeous


  17. emma says:

    Have you seen Sandra Backlund’s amazing knits?


  18. what fun, these are beautiful!


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  20. Jeni says:

    Ran across this chunky knits etsy shop thought you might like!


    This one is especially nice: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=14844774


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