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August 6th, 2008

I’ve been having fun painting plates and things. It’s really satisfying when it’s going well and extremely frustrating when your brush strokes go wobbly and you spend twice as much time wiping paint off than putting it on. The paint promises permanence and dishwasherability, so these could be used for eating and everything. I probably should test those claims first though! I’m going to be selling these and a variety of other ceramics, badges, prints, originals etc in my etsy shop in a couple of weeks. I’ll let you know closer to the time.

Now is the time for requests if there is anything specific you think I should sell!

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  1. Emma Gahan says:

    These are awesome….i will try and buy some if they are up on Etsy.
    I think they will sell out fast….you will have to do more more more!!!!

    Great stuff x


  2. kris atomic says:

    thank you! yes, everything painted by hand :)


  3. kris atomic says:

    hahaha that is an amazing idea! I just might do it! x


  4. kris atomic says:

    yep there will be cups and I’m shipping worldwide! x


  5. Maggie says:

    Atomic plates! How awesome. I think I need some of these for my house.
    You’re oh so talented, and I love how you try out so many different creative paths but always retain your style. Just awesome!


  6. tamsin says:

    I have to say, tote bags would be pretty cool, though I imagine everything will sell out before I get to it! You’re a proper celebrity now, a girl and I bonded in my ballet class when we both realised we read your blog!


  7. Fenke says:

    I’d buy these – rightaway :-)


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  9. AMAZING! i can’t wait until you start selling them!


  10. margaux says:

    oh! love ’em. i’d love to buy 3 for my kitchen wall! looking fwd to seeing them on etsy!


  11. KRISATOMIC says:

    […] some action in my etsy shop! There are some photographic prints on sale right now and the ceramics and some original drawings will be up tomorrow. Illustration prints are on the way very […]

  12. Dira says:

    oh wow your works are amazing…. u’re very very very gifted and talented!
    I’d love to buy but the distances matter… and again, I’m speechless, your works are so adorable…


  13. Eimear Marie says:

    What paint did you use on these are they done by hand or printed?


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