Iceland part 2: Arbaer Museum

April 13th, 2011

One of the first places we went in Reykjavik was Árbæjarsafn. My guidebook described it as a “nosy parkers’ heaven” so even though it’s an outdoor museum and it was raining solidly, I was dying to go. I’m a nosy parker, I can’t help it. The museum was set up on the site of an old farm in 1957 and since then they’ve been moving interesting old houses (whole) to the area. During the summer you can wander around the houses on your own, but in winter they do guided tours around a selection of the buildings. As it was the middle of winter in the driving rain, it was just the two of us – I don’t know if I mentioned before, I went with my mum – so we had a very nice guide take us around. In the summer they have all kinds of activities going on, with people dressed in traditional costumes and cow milking and such, but I bet it’s totally rammed.

Most of the houses are furnished and it feels like the owners just popped out or something, it’s a little bit creepy. But fascinating! Also everything is tiny, I can never get over how gigantic we are compared to people only a hundred years ago. Apparently even the cows were much smaller, they can’t even get full sized modern cows in the milking shed for demonstrations!

The stove has a built in waffle iron, the lid of which has the recipe (or ingredients? I can’t remember which) for making waffles! Best unitasker ever, right?

I loved the huge key to the church, you can see the size compared to the normal sized key on the keyring.

Butter churning, for the city mice among you.

(all photos mine)

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  1. Michelle says:

    As a fellow nosy parker, I love these photographs! I want to live in one of those cute wee houses. Stunning photographs, as always!


  2. sarah says:

    I love these photos and this place looks fascinating! I love “real life” museums like this, the Tenement House in Glasgow was my favourite when I was a kid!


  3. Elín says:

    How funny I just rambled into ur blog from Piccsy n see that ur in Iceland n I live in Iceland.
    Really love ur pics from the Árbæjarsafn.
    Hope u have a great stay in our great country.


  4. eLena says:

    What a lovely place!!! I took one of this photos to my computer.
    nice trip!


  5. Beautiful photos! I love how serene the landscape looks.


  6. Nicole says:

    stunning photos, especially love the one of the little thatch roof house


  7. these photographs are beautiful! it seems like you always make a point to make the most of your travels. i’m half icelandic and thus read a fair amount of travel stories but this is my first time hearing about this museum. i’ll be bookmarking this to keep in mind for a future visit! thank you for the great post.


  8. Stephanie says:

    The bit about the cows is v. amusing, indeed! And I can just imagine them (the people, not the cows) needing to use both hands to hold the jumbo church key.

    Lovely photos as always, Kris.


  9. Natalie says:

    Awesome! I need to go! What are you shooting with? The photographs are lovely


  10. STEFANIE says:

    I’ve been dying to go to Island for years now, I wonder when I’ll ever see all these beautiful things in real life!


  11. Ismay says:

    Wow what an amazing place. I love the bedrooms, and the little shoes!


  12. Alice says:

    Um so yeah. I’m like in love with you. Kidding. Only partly. You can honestly do no wrong. I live for your posts. You are insanely talented. I wish you would travel all over the world and take pictures for us! And that there were only more of you in the world wide web…
    Have a lovely day!

    Just a Silhouette


    kris atomic says,

    April 20th, 2011 @ 2:18 pm

    Thank you so much! Really appreciate your lovely words!
    kris xx


  13. Phemy says:

    I just kept gasping in delight while I was looking at these photos. It’s like a fairy tale!


  14. Hannah says:

    Awesome! I guess it shows how we nutritioned we really are these days!
    I’m a bit of a nosy parker too sometimes, but my mum’s even worse haha. I forget sometimes until I spend the day with her.
    Beautiful photos as always :)


  15. I love visiting houses from a long time ago!! especially, when they still feel lived-in. My imagination runs wild….it is so fascinating!! Thanks for your awesome pictures!! I feel like i was right there along with you and your mom!!
    if you’re ever in LA… there is Heritage Square_ they’re a bunch of victorian houses from the late 1800’s.


  16. Sigrún Hlín says:

    Hey! I stumbled in here via the bitchface post (could totally relate to that, being a sufferer of its close cousin, Chronic Furious Face) Had to check out the rest of your site and the first thing I see are pictures from home! (So I live in Reykjavík, not Árbæjarsafn though) LOVE your illustrations, thank you so much for sharing them!


  17. Gotta love that waffel iron! Will take my niece there:-)


  18. Mae Lu says:

    I don’t know what a nosy parker is, but I definitely wanted to put this on our list to visit when we went to RVK. We didn’t make it there, but we’ll definitely have to go there next time.

    Thanks for posting these beautiful photos of my favorite country, Kristina!

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!


  19. Trude says:

    Wow, just wow! Love doing things like this when I travel, too. Such gorgeous homes! Love the waffle iron. :)


  20. Amy's Life says:

    WOW……Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing Iceland. Very interesting!
    Wonderful homes and animals.


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  22. Melwa says:

    Really, you take the most amazing photos! I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland, wow.


  23. Adeline says:

    I was there a year and a half ago! Thanks for reminding me of it. Awesome photos!


  24. maria says:

    many years ago, i saw a lonely planet episode featuring iceland, and i have wanted to visit ever since!
    looks lovely <3


  25. Emilie says:

    Magnifiques photos!! Comme si le temps c’était arrêté…. ça donne envie d’aller voir!


  26. Kristina says:

    Such a lovely place! And the details you have captured a beautiful!


  27. karolina says:

    so amazingly beautiful! always wanted to go there, iceland ftw!


  28. S* says:

    Oh wow, I’m so glad that I discovered your blog! One of my dreams is to go to Iceland one day…I love your pictures!


  29. ams33 says:

    So gorgeous! I love the picture of the single duck :) I just play happy amateur with my Nikon. If you don’t mind sharing, what type of camera/settings do you like to use?


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