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July 25th, 2008

It’s probably a bit weird to dedicate a whole post to pictures of floors, but I love parquet and I don’t care!  Or rather it’s parquetry when it’s geometric shapes and marquetry when it’s any other decorative patterns apparently. These are from various places: the Hermitage, Catherine Palace at Tsarskoye Selo and Peterhof. Aren’t they fantastic?

Where the floors are very old and precious, you have to wear very attractive shoe covers (tapochki!) when walking on them. Lovely.

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  1. i love these too! incredible!


  2. katy says:

    oh wow. those are amazing!


  3. terri says:

    i love the floors. the booties are darling!


  4. Tanie says:

    Those are so beautiful! I especially love the third one.


  5. dell says:

    these are stunning


  6. katie says:

    we want kitten!
    we want kitten!


  7. karina says:

    yeah, the floors are gorgeous, but… we want the kitten!!!

    here are mines:

    (sorry! the content in Polish)


  8. Rachel says:

    Wow these are wonderful, such lovely pieces of artwork. It just shows you that almost everything in your life can be a piece of art :)


  9. July says:

    Incredible … This kind of craftsmanship doesn’t exist anymore. It reminds me of my parent’s parquet flooring in Paris. I love it and love the smell of the wax used to maintain them in good condition. My grandmother makes us wear funny slippers to go around her house!


  10. picatoria says:

    They are beautiful!


  11. TP says:

    wow – amazing craftmemship has gone into those floors. i love that you had to wear booties to walk on them!


  12. lindsay says:

    haha i’ve had to wear shoe covers like that before when i went to the sonneveld house. – worth it though, for the chairs in the house alone!

    makes you feel well cool walking around in them doesn’t it?


  13. emmy says:

    oh, not weird at all, I actually have developed quite a fetish for beautiful parquet floors. I especially love the 2nd and the 5th, but they’re all exquisite.


  14. Denise says:

    gorgeous photos. what kind of camera did you use? :)


  15. Nato Tuke says:

    One day I want to have a house where each room has different styled wooden flooors…..mmm the possibilities!


  16. mimi says:

    they look like carpets, not parquets. lush!

    i remember, when i was little in my local library we had to ‘wear’ felt erm.. squares under our shoes and kinda slide on them, because otherwise shiny parquet would be ruined in librarians opinion. i guess that it was tipical in general to local public libraries…

    8’th one is the best i think


  17. Nice-Etc says:

    these are really beautiful! i understand what you mean :)


  18. Penny says:

    They are the most beautiful floors I have ever seen! I would love to own an old manor with floors like these in them :)


  19. Camillann says:

    All too rare!
    And to think that some idiot invented wall-to-wall carpets.
    Great pics, do you have others?


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