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May 28th, 2008

Mimi Kirchner makes the most amazing soft toys and dolls, which I have a whole new appreciation for since my brief foray in to making stuffed animals. It’s ridiculously hard!!! I just love all of these, especially the robots and tattooed guys. Visit Mimi’s blog, flickr and etsy shop for more. Swoon.

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  1. Sarah says:

    That’s pretty genius – the tattooed men. :)


  2. Jenny says:

    This looks nice :)

    Is it possible that you could show pictures of your home? :) I’m really curious how it looks, that would be so nice of u! I love your blog.

    Bye :)



  3. niki says:

    my favorite is the tattooed man in the striped one piece. i wish she was still selling him. the use of that printed fabric is so smart!


  4. jo says:

    oh i loooooooove the four ladies!!!!


  5. WendyB says:

    The tattooed guys are hilarious!


  6. Elle says:

    The willow pattern is my favourite pattern in the world [okay who is sad enough to have a favourite pattern apart from me? no one] so I love the last 2 dolls.


  7. Clarice says:

    My chest tightens with anticipation everytime I see that she has updated her blog. I think the tattooed beardy men are my dream man, I wonder if I buy one I can woo a real one, via voodoo.


  8. Ann says:

    I just adored the french toile tattooed and mustached men!


  9. Anne says:

    I agree with Jenny. It’d be lovely to see your house, or your room!


  10. Mimi K says:

    Thanks so much- I’m blushing! And, actually, I thought your polar bear was fantastic…


  11. Those tattooed dolls are just great! Well all of them are but the gus in particular.


  12. Melanie says:

    Her stuff is great! And you’re right – making stuffed animals is hard. I tried to make a giraffe out of an old t-shirt one time, and the legs came out far too spindly, though I had cut it out larger/thicker than I wanted it to be :( Is the polar bear your only animal? I seem to remember you wanting to make a series.


  13. WOW. i’m not normally a big fan of stuffies…i mean i appreciate a good stuffed animal…but these! wow! i just love all of them. and as everyone before me has said…the tattooed guys w/ the toile fabric?! brilliant.


  14. vic says:

    Kris, these are amazing! I swear my heart just skipped a beat. <3

    And thanks for the link!


  15. gemma says:

    wow, those tattooed guys are amazing! i’m enjoying this blog muchos x


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