May 22nd, 2008

I’m nearly finished with uni for the year and really want to have a constructive summer and my number two priority (number one is my website which needs work work work) is to get some good prints of my work.

I’ve looked up printing companies until I was blue in the face, but it’s so hard to tell who is good. To make matters worse, some of them have the most awfully ugly circa 2000 desktop publishing websites, which I think says A LOT when you’re a printing company.

Any recommendations for where to get prints (drawing/painting/illustration not photography) done? If you sell prints, where do you get them printed? Ideally either online in the UK, internationally with shipping to the UK, or anywhere in London that I could do it irl. I’m not sure if I want giclee or just any decent quality digital prints or what. I do not know! I need serious help. Any recommendations would be really appreciated.


  1. burntlego says:

    ProCo Print in Sheffield are great, if that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for? Check their website:


  2. Kate says:

    I’m having exactly the same problem! I asked Andrew from Imakethings ( a while ago and he recommended these guys http://www.alocalprinter although I haven’t tried them yet. I was actually looking into this place, yesterday…it looks interesting although I’d probably need help getting stuff done there!


  3. Sofia says:

    I usually print at Cymbol

    4 Charlotte Place
    WIT 1SE

    Talk to Perry Neville. He is adorable and very good at his job. Not the cheapest place, but not the most expensive either. He is really committed to make the best prints for your job. Good luck!


  4. katie says:

    i used – for the bargainous price the quality is good.


  5. Sunny Buick says:

    You should do the prints yourself. Look into leasing a laser printer, the cartridges are expensive maybe 100 pounds each but you can control everything yourself. That’s what a glicee is, a fancy word for laser.


  6. asta says:

    i’ve heard that is good but i haven’t tried it personally.


  7. Chloe says:

    I’ve got no suggestions, but I just wanted to say I’d love it if you get some prints done and sell them again. I have 3 of yours on my wall already and love them! :)


  8. kris atomic says:

    Sunny Buick – I’ve printed my own stuff before but I don’t want to deal with the hassle right now. Printing is my least favourite part of any project, I hate it! I smudge and jam and fuck up the colours and it pisses me off.

    But regardless, giclee printing isn’t the same as laser at all, it’s ink jet! x

    Chloe – I will definitely be selling! x

    Thank you for the recommendations everyone! I’ll check out all the places you’ve suggested and hopefully get some prints soon :)


  9. Janne says:

    I am also very interested in buying. Love your work!


  10. Rhiannon says:

    also very happy to hear you will be selling prints.


  11. sarah says:

    have you checked *with* your university? An art student at my undergraduate institution turned me on to these place – many campuses have photo and printing/publishing labs where one can get decent quality digital prints – at least, here in the states, this is the case. Bonus: many have a discount for stundents.


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