My birthday was on sunday

May 13th, 2008

We went to Nobu for a lovely sushi lunch and some exciting fruity drinks. I got a bit merry on strawberry and peach martinis and everything was delicious. I’m a sushi fiend though, so I was dying to go there forever.

My mum’s exotic fruit plate (she’s a vegan, so no cake for her). Don’t ask me to name all the fruit!

Raspberry chocolate birthday cake that I finished off for breakfast.

I wore my new shoes for the first time and they absolutely murdered my feet. Killed them. I have four blisters! Bloody nightmare, I expect much better from miu miu. I’m just hoping I can break them in? Please god, let me break them in. Just look at them, they’re beautiful!

We saw lots of men with bowler hats on the way to the parade in Hyde Park on sunday. How great are bowler hats! I love them.


  1. kari says:

    My dear, you have the prettiest life! And even better, you seem to enjoy it all. Brava and best (very belated) wishes.


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