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March 24th, 2008

At the end of last year I made a zine for a uni project. I meant to print it and sell some copies, but it never happened and I kind of forgot all about it. Since being in Switzerland I’ve been going through folders on my laptop tidying things up, so I thought I might as well post this. The A to Z theme is pretty self explanatory, a double page (about something I like) per letter . All photos and drawing are by me, apart from the picture of a photocopier that I stole from google images and the vintage postcards that came from a big box in the loft.
(click on the images to make them bigger)

A for airmail

B for bows

C for Chloe

D for dollhouses

E for embroidery

F for fingerpainting

G for gingerbread

H for high heels

I for ice lollies

J for jam on toast

K for knitwear

L for ladylike

M for multicoloured

N for naptime

O for origami

P for pink lady

Q for quilt

R for russian dolls

S for Sailor Jerry

T for toy soldiers

U for underpants

V for vintage postcards

W for wood grain

X for xerography

Y for yellow

Z for Zoo?


  1. berry says:

    i absolutely adore this! you should still print these out and make copies.
    i’d love to have one :)


  2. Lil says:

    This is really fun. :)


  3. Jess says:

    I would definitely buy this if you sold copies!
    Lovely :)


  4. Morgane says:

    This is so creative ! I really really love it !


  5. Alix says:

    All this is lovely lovely lovely !

    I just adore your work


  6. Mimi says:

    this is lovely. and i agree with the people above, i’d love to have a copy if you ever do print it.


  7. tamsin says:

    I would like a copy because of the TINY GIRAFFE in the yellow page. I have an obsession with very small giraffes.


  8. annah says:

    i’ve commented some on flickr but…
    these are so wow.

    is it all hand drawn & painted or is some done digitally?


  9. Daniele says:

    This made me smile. So lovely!


  10. elizabeth says:

    Kris, frankly, I think we are the same person only you’re blond, British and more artistic.
    This is absolutely wonderful and I think the whole e-world is in agreement that you should make copies.


  11. sandra says:

    i would sooo buy this if you sold copies!


  12. vix says:

    what they said! wonderful stuff – i’d buy one!


  13. harriet says:

    i lvoe this idea!
    you’ve totally inspired me to do my own
    (if thats okay) in pictures or something since my drawing skill isn’t amazng.
    really really good :D


  14. Lily says:

    Wow! It’s sooo beautiful!!!
    I agree with everyone else here, I’d definitely buy it if you ever print it!


  15. this is so great.
    i love it!
    each page is so different and unexpected.


  16. kaja says:

    i love the idea!!! great stuff..


  17. Vanessa says:

    I would totally buy this :)


  18. carlos says:

    you are major.
    i love what you did with this i’d buy it today if you published it.


  19. Julie says:

    I agree, you should still print and sell these. And you can add my name to the list to buy!


  20. Gin says:

    Ooh, you have a blythe jacket in Yellow!


  21. barbara says:

    i hope you print this, i think many of us would buy it – it’s so pretty.


  22. Ammu says:

    I love this! Please let me know if you decide to print it and sell it. Would love to buy it!


  23. Staar says:

    Oh my goodness everything is so wonderful…especially y for yellow and l for ladylike…. this made my day


  24. Cara-Mia says:

    I wish you’d make this zine afterall… I love it!


  25. emma says:

    I love your blog, especially this. Makes me happy.


  26. Amanda says:

    Nice blog, i like the pictures very mush!


  27. Sujin says:

    i found your blog by chance,
    and i’m a student studying design
    i love these images
    and i’m very happy about finding your blog


  28. Stephie says:

    I love this list! Your blog makes me delighted.


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