I say YES to huge heels

March 2nd, 2008

How fierce are these! Giambattista Valli a/w 2008 via style.com.


  1. Jazzi says:

    YES! I’ve been meaning to make a similar post on my blog for a while. Thanks for the reminder :)

    PS- Glad you’re back! You’re amazing xoxo


  2. carlos says:

    i share this passion as well. all of my illustrations of women lately have included the super high platform heel


  3. Gala says:

    Swoooooon! xx


  4. cam says:

    i LOVE the red ones. i’d probably kill myself in them though.


  5. katrín says:

    wow, unbelievably cool!


  6. tamsin says:

    Weirdly, I struggle to walk in heels but if they’ve got a huge platform in front, I’m fine. Maybe because you get less impact on the ball of your foot and so less pain, or something. I have decided super high heels are the way forward because they will help with my ballet….erm, yes. Anything to justify more shoes!


  7. Theremina says:

    Love the cut-outs of the black ones! But sadly, I would probably bang my head on every doorframe were I to wear them… Curse my height!


  8. cat says:

    The only thing I can think of when watching shoes like these is OUCH, and I could probably wear them sitting down for an hour tops. Would a guy ever do this? Look at the color of the first foot (the only one you can see), I see some red OUCH there :/


  9. Alexandra says:

    The black ones in the top row are just magical! I love high heals!


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  11. wow, they are SO high. those cream shoes on the top right corner are lethal! love them, though, so sexy…


  12. ervina says:

    i strongly believe eva chen is a constant visitor of your blog.
    you are one heck of an inspiration to many bloggers out there. so i think it is possible that even a Teen Vogue blogger would come here occasionally to check on the latest updates. check this out http://www.teenvogue.com/beauty/blogs/beauty
    i double checked on the dates too :)


  13. ervina says:

    and nahhh… i don’t think its a coincidence either..lol


  14. Putri says:

    I love High Heels
    But..Those shoes..I don’t think I can use it..
    I’m not confident enough..
    But I like the design


  15. Ellymette says:

    Hey I would like to know where I can Buy those shoes specially the black ones, those that are the first shoes of the second row…


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