Snow white

January 16th, 2008

Most magazines I’ve read in the last couple of weeks have been banging on about Chanel’s White Satin nail varnish like they just got a press release and a free sample. Pffft! I’ve got white nail polish by OPI (in Alpine Snow) which I like even better and at half the price! It’s a perfect opaque white (and if anyone else says I look like I painted my nails with tippex I will give them a smack!).


  1. Susan says:

    I’d love to see a photo of said white painted nails. I’m not nearly as pretty as you are (not even in the same ballpark), however I am blonde with very pale skin (like you) so I’d like to see how it looks.


  2. Kim says:

    I agree with Susan up there. This illustration is fantastic (and adorable, precious, and about a million other great things), but let’s see those nails! ;)


  3. Lux says:

    I refuse to buy into the Chanel nail polish hype! Why bother with waiting lists & ebay when you could just use MAC’s Vestral White?! Barry M’s version is also pretty good and a lot cheaper than MAC/Chanel but I generally use it for mixing my own shades of grey. I’ve got a BIG thing for nails painted in a sort of school uniform grey….!


  4. Domina says:

    I agree, I’ve seen better white nail polish for less money… the Blue Satin one is pretty gorgeous, though. *Sighs heavily*


  5. Berry says:

    tell me about it! last year it was chanel’s black satin so this year it’s chanel’s white satin.
    i used to use white nail polish in jr.high (so long ago!) and people would ask me if
    i was wearing white-out allll the time, so annoying!


  6. Jazzi says:

    Agreed. It’s really all hype… OPI makes all my favorites, and they usually make it first! Lincoln Park after Dark and Russian Navy FTW! I’d also like to try white nails this season….


  7. Mamz says:

    I love white nailpolish i always get my nails done white at the salon they always say it looks like tippex, but w/e now it’s in so ha at them.


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