Ballet Shoes (peter pan collars, floral dresses, white socks)

January 6th, 2008

Did anyone else watch Ballet Shoes, the BBC drama (featuring Emma Watson and her funny eyebrow acting) on Boxing Day? It was quite sweet and christmassy and I was completely coveting the costumes. So much so that I watched it again and made some screencaps just for you (and thus apologise for the crap quality of the stills).

If you’re keen to see it, it comes out on dvd this monday in Europe and will be aired on tv in Canada and New Zealand some time in the near future. It is naturally available on your friendly local bittorrent network now ;)

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  1. pom says:

    oh, i’ll keep an eye out on my Canadian TV!

    Or local bittorrent site ]:


  2. Sara says:


    living in the united states is overrated.


  3. Tanie says:

    I read this book LITERALLY 3,000 times when Iw as a kid.


  4. cam says:

    it was on a week or two ago in canada! i really want to read the book now.


  5. heather says:

    Wow, I love the costumes too! Seems like a sweet movie.


  6. czina says:

    you are true…the costumes are amazing!


  7. annah says:

    oh wow….headdresses and red indian (politically correct?) style plates !



  8. Lils says:

    I did watch it and I really enjoyed it. I too loved the costumes. :) Emma Watson’s/Pauline’s dress in the second cap.


  9. annah says:



  10. stefanie says:

    Cant wait till it gets to the states!


  11. Nina says:

    I don’t think they’re going to show it over here… The costumes look so pretty!


  12. Chic Looks says:

    I watched it on BBC, I loved the character of the little girl who does ballet, it reminded me of how much I need a Tutu skirt


  13. C says:

    Aw this was a really good adaptation, the clothes too, beautiful. I loved the fact they used Pauline’s black dress for every occasion for every girl by altering it lol


  14. josefin says:

    i love your photographs, and how you can make
    something as simpel as a notebook look so beutiful!


  15. Sanna says:

    The colouring of the film looks absolutely lovely :).


  16. Katerina says:

    I watched it on Boxing Day and loved it. It’s such a pretty little adaptation. I love the floaty floral dresses and white socks and ribbons and bows and hats. The sets were lovely too.


  17. dearlenny says:

    Thanks for this post- wouldn’t have known nor be able to watch it with your helpful hints. Yes! OMG- love the outfits. Wish I could flit around in them.


  18. Elle says:

    I loved the costumes, locations and aesthetics of this programme but I felt that it ended too quickly and abruptly. I think Emma Watson is an embarassingly bad actress but loved the girl who played Posey- She was adorable! Is the book any better?


  19. oooh, i’m excited to see this. i love their hair styles, what fun!


  20. Alice J says:

    I love emma watson. You’re blog is fantastic.
    Have a good day!


  21. vanessa says:

    Speaking of bittorrent, do you use a specific program for your downloads? I just got a new macbook and i’m not sure which program i should use :)


  22. Clare says:

    I’m assuming the movie’s based on the book about Pauline, Petrova, & Posie, is it true? It looks lovely though, it’s a shame I live in the US.


  23. amy says:

    i think i might try to buy this and hope it works on my multi-region dvd player. i have at least 15 Noel Stretfield books, and ballet shoes was my absolute favorite! I read it a million times and it is my number one gift for little girls.


  24. shima says:

    the dress she’s wearing in the second photo you can find in Whistles, i REALLY want it. and i also wanted to watch it but i missed it :(


  25. Leah says:

    The costumes look excellent! When is it set?

    Emma Watson does have a rather strange acting method. Have you ever noticed how her nostrils flare quite a bit (in Harry Potter) when she’s telling him to go and tell Dumbledore (or similar) something. Most bizarre. But hey, she made a mint!


  26. Eliza says:

    Oh how I want one of those satchels!


  27. Fenke says:

    oh – this seems like a wonderful movie! the clothes and hairdos were so pretty at that time.


  28. Ian says:

    Lovely costumes – especially the Peter Pan collar dress worn by Emma Watson (second pic above), which was later worn by another sister – and the third tried to get into it as well! That era boasted fantastic style.


  29. ninja says:

    What was this? They have the moste incredible clothes, I just love it!
    Oh, and must say your blog is just wonderful. You’re so talented-
    xx Ninja


  30. Margaret Shepherd says:

    I love this movie…the book is one of my most dog-eared childhood friends, I love it!!!
    I wish I lived in this time!!!!!!!


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