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Carrot & stick

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

After yesterday’s An Education retro interior post Alexandra emailed to tell me about Blue Carrot Shop, where she sells vintage housewares and knick knacks and I almost wish she hadn’t, because I want everything and our kitchen is already struggling to cope with all my nonsense. But seriously, she does an amazing job curating the shop. Sure I can cruise around etsy for vintage dishes, but I didn’t even know that I wanted a frilly poodle printed tea towel or Mr. Peanut salt and pepper shakers until I just saw them, so thanks a lot Alexandra! Plus I have some kind of Pyrex dish fetish (I found a whole stack of them in my parents garage before I moved out and screamed) so I’m basically sold. Btw if you have a bit of a penchant for Pyrex – ahaha I’m sorry I couldn’t help it – the Pyrex Love blog makes for thrilling reading. I’m serious.

Post-crimbo rundown

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Belated Happy New Year and hope you all had a jolly festive holiday! I spent Christmas at my parents’ house and we took Matilda back for the first time since we moved out. She was strutting around like she owned the place within 3 minutes, what a resilient cat! I thought she would be cowering under the bed for days…

So we ate delicious dinner, wore paper hats, watched white christmas/doctor who, had post-dinner naps and took away insane amounts of leftovers that we subsequently ate for over a week. I love Christmas, it’s one of the few holidays that doesn’t make me barf (see halloween, valentine’s day, NYE).

Now the decorations have come down and it feels like Christmas was a really long time ago. I suppose we better get on with 2010 then!

Tiny look at the tiny flat

Friday, October 16th, 2009

I promised pictures of our flat ages ago, but I’ve never quite got round to taking any nice ones with the appropriate lens or decent lighting (plus we still haven’t got curtains and the large sheets of heavyweight cartridge paper that I taped to the windows are not what you might call photogenic). Anyway, while procrastinating when I should have been ebaying, I finally took a few around the flat today. Maybe one day I’ll do a proper before/after because you can’t even imagine how horrible, grimy, peeling and damp it was before, without photographic evidence. Until then, here are a few of my favourite things in the place.

The Tord Boontje for Habitat garland lampshade that I loved forever. It was surprisingly hard to put up and I get my hair caught in it daily, but I love it anyway.

Lanvin figurine that I got in Hong Kong last february. Wish I could buy the whole collection, they’re so pretty.

Just wanted to show off my new £20 Argos watch that seems to divide opinions for some reason.

Alarm clock from Habitat that I still don’t know how to set because I use my iphone as an alarm. Apparently it tweets (the pre-web 2.0 meaning of the word tweet that is)!

The bed is from Laura Ashley and was on super sale, which was lucky because it turns out beds are ridiculously expensive! I’m happy not to have backache every morning for a change, so a good buy. Lots of blankets and cushions for daytime napping.

The wall colour is Pink Ground by Farrow & Ball. Their paint really does seem to change colour completely with different lighting, it’s so weird.

Finally, comfy John Lewis armchair and fun Ikea rug that needs hoovering daily because it sheds like crazy, in the living/kitchen/office room.

Now if anyone can tell me how to buy a curtain rail for a bay window without spending a fortune or losing my mind, that would be much appreciated!