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Rough puff Paris

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Litte bit behind schedule, but here’s my Paris phone photo diary.

Off to a soggy start, got caught in the rain without an umbrella on way too many occasions.

Everyone else was keeping it classy though, despite the precipitation.

Standard Paris shopping basket: milk, bread, wine, diet coke, yogurt, cheese, chocolate, crisps. I should start a healthy living blog!


Stayed in this enormous apartment with my pal Abi, which was excellent.

The closest I got to any parties was a glass of wine with my photo editing or a celebratory burger on the last day (was really into burgers on this trip).

Our apartment was in an area of wholesale clothes shops with extremely intriguing window displays and names like:

This Warholian one was my favourite though.

And the street leading up to the apartment was always full of deliveries and people throwing boxes around.

Got very fond of our neighbourhood though.

Mini garden!

Amazing tiny petrol station. In short, all the amenities.

It was just a short walk to Marais, too.

Ate some fucking awful sushi.

Did some walking, some people watching.

Spent lots of time in the Tuileries.

Went to Ladurée with Abi and Shini like good bloggers…

And had MINI BURGERS at LADUREE like a bad blogger (not as photogenic as ~macarons~ but so tasty).

Found Wally.

Hid from the rain, again.

Rain, rain, rain.

Paris was still beautiful though.

Shot some shows, this was at Elie Saab which was lacy and sequinned and gorgeous.

Got brainwashed into buying a Kenzo jumper after seeing everyone else in one. No regrets though, it’s been my favourite thing to wear in the last month.

Got a couple of lipsticks from the MAC Marilyn collection. Packaging is tacky as hell, but the lipsticks are good (Charmed I’m Sure is basically Ruby Woo without the awful dry formula FYI).

Popped in to Printemps.

Had a nutritious “salad”.

Got a taxi tour of Boulevard Périphérique at sunrise (quite moving in the emotional sense, for a dual-carriageway) en route to the Kenzo show.

Backstage at Kenzo, probably my favourite show of the season shooting-wise.





Went to Palais de Tokyo.

one of my favourite spaces

and the exhibitions are never boring

if occasionally a bit baffling.

Saw the Chloe exhibition.

And more importantly, the best museum book shop ever.

Look at all the kids books!

Want one of everything.

Had some working lie-ins (that’s picture editing in bed).

Took lots of typical Paris-y pictures of buildings

wall paintings, instagrammable flowers,

and a jolly Palais Brongniart.

Had a croque-monsieur opposite Chanel.

And then it was time to leave

lovely, rainy Paris

until next time!

Rough and ready New York diary

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

So last week I was in New York shooting Fashion Week. Ironically, I barely took any photos outside of the shows even though I was hauling around my camera and lenses all day long, but at least my phone was always to hand.

I rented a great apartment from Airbnb in the East Village, handily near to Artichoke where I immediately went for a pizza. Even better as leftovers for breakfast the next morning.

Bought a whole bunch of beauty shit in Duane Reade, light of my life, including a ton of Essie ($8 each!).

Took the subway a lot.


Wore some very ~glamourous~ outfits in the black > grey > white colour scheme, lol. Didn’t even pack any heels. #comfyfashionweek

Leopard is a neutral. To be fair, this isn’t even as bad as London, by which point I was basically wearing one of my 3 pairs of identical black jeans and Isabel Marant trainers everyday. The good news is that no-one is looking at what I wear anyway, so who cares.

Good name.

Loved the Dennis Basso presentation, it was like a fairytale.

Momofuku noodle bar was dangerously close to my apartment. It really is as good as everyone says.

Got to shoot backstage at a bunch of shows, which is my favourite.

Spent all my money on upgrading my flash setup, but so worth it.

Drank a LOT of enormous iced coffees which America just does better than we can.

Seriously considered getting one of these, I think I was going a bit delirious at this stage.

Walked a lot.

People watched a bit.

Ate in that uniquely fashion week way (for me at least) where you don’t eat anything for 12 hours and then throw down something horribly unhealthy with one hand while doing card transfers and backups with the other.

Also ate a bunch of udon, because it’s the shit.

Shot some street style in 30°C weather, which then turned in to an apocalyptic storm.

Obviously I got sick, what with all the not sleeping and eating terribly and being in close proximity of hundreds of people breathing on each other. SO ILL. Had to abandon my carb loading for some vile green juices in hopes of curing myself (tbh I think the 4 hourly painkiller regimen did more). If you’ve met me in the last week, you can probably tell I’m still trying to recover. I’m not normally a mouth breather, I swear.

So that was New York! You can check out my photos here. Just wrapping up London and then it’s Paris next week!

Thoughts on

Thursday, July 19th, 2012 the concept is basically in the name – make canvas prints from your own Instagram photos or set up a gallery to sell them to the public. Without getting into the very dull debate about whether Instagram is ruining “real” photography  (give me a break), is there enough of a demand for this kind of service? I don’t know, but I’ve had a few people request prints and I’m too much of a control freak to ever sell anything without knowing what the quality is like irl, so I ordered one to check it out.

I was most sceptical about the quality of a print they could get out of an instagram-sized (612×612) image. On their site they say they’ve “developed proprietary image resizing technology” but it looks like a pretty basic upsize with a bit of noise reduction on it to me. The effect is not at all unpleasant, for something you’re putting on the wall it looks pretty great up close. The photo I got was from from an iphone 4s, I guess the quality might depend on the original photo. Maybe they should just let users upload their full-res images though?

It took a couple of weeks to get here (from the US to UK) and I didn’t have to pay any import duties/taxes. When I ordered back in June the European shipping was $14, but is now a bargain $5. The 12″x12″ canvas cost $39.95, which compares to £29.99 for the cheapest Photobox canvas of the same size and I think the quality is much nicer. The canvas is thick and the whole thing feels really sturdy and solid. I wish there was an option to continue the image all the way to the edges, but that’s maybe my own personal crazy.

Regarding the artist selling aspect, I’m pretty doubtful that it would make any money for anyone other than (or unless you’re an Instagram superstar maybe). Photographers make 20% per canvas, which is ok-ish considering they’re doing all the work for you. However, you have to make over $100 before they actually pay out which seems nonsensical (it’s paypal, can’t they automate it?) and shady as hell. If the photographer makes $7.99 on a $39.95 print (using the smallest canvas as an example), they have to sell 13 before payment is made. This means that if you only sell 12 ever, have made $479.40 without having to pay ~The Artist~ anything. I’m calling shenanigans. ( have pointed out that they will also pay out quarterly even if you don’t get to $100, see comments for details)
I also think they should offer dramatically reduced prices on a sample canvas for photographers to check out the quality for themselves before offering them to others. It’s only fair.

On a side note, their entire Artist interface is like crazy town early days pre-alpha, I’m kind of amazed that they’ve been around for a few months without even launching basic statistics.

On the whole, nice canvases, not sure about the rest quite yet. I’m not particularly attached to my Instagram photos, so I can overlook the lack of control in a way that I never would with my “proper” prints (which is why I don’t use things like society6) so I thought I’d give it a go, but I’m not holding my breath to see any commission from it. My gallery is here, let’s see what happens?

Cat included for size comparison.