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Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Stills from A Single Man, copyright The Weinstein Company et al. What an outrageously good looking film/cast.

An Education

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

WARNING: If you haven’t seen An Education yet, be warned that I’ve posted quite a lot of stills below and though nothing is inherently spoilery, it might be a bit of a bummer. If you don’t mind, onwards we go!

So I watched An Education yesterday and I thought it was brilliant! I had read mixed reviews, so I wasn’t expecting much, but I thought it was a very smart coming of age story and well acted by all involved. Carey Mulligan is fantastic as schoolgirl Jenny (can’t believe she’s actually 25, a year older than me) but it really came in to its own in the beautiful filming, sets and costume design. There are tons of perfectly captured stills all over the internet, but they mostly seem to concentrate on Jenny and leave out some of the most visually exciting bits, so I thought I would make some of my own (I’m afraid the quality is pretty horrendous, but you get the idea). I loved Rosamund Pike’s ditzy character Helen (the blonde) with her ladylike fancypants outfits and brilliant hair, the wonderful Emma Thompson as headmistress Miss Walters in her wood paneled office and Olivia Williams as Miss Stubbs wearing the coolest glasses. The interior sets are probably my favourite though, some amazing retro home decorating inspiration here. And the whole thing is set in Twickenham, where my parents live and I grew up (though they went and filmed it in Ealing for some reason)  Exciting!

Images are Copyright © Sony Pictures Classics, please don’t sue me!

I Capture the Castle and books

Monday, October 5th, 2009

I recently read I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, which was on my list of books to read for about a hundred years and I was a total fool to have waited that long. The book was completely charming, so I was kind of in two minds about the film when I saw it suggested to me on amazon. Happily, the film is one of the rare adaptations that gets everything completely right. The casting is perfect (I’m kind of obsessed with Rose Byrne who plays Rose – you know how much I love red hair) and everything is filmed beautifully, as you can see from the screencaps below. I don’t want to get all ~whimsical~ about it, because it’s not really that kind of story, but it’s a very endearing film and I’d totally recommend it (but read the book first!).

So let’s talk about books. I’m currently reading The Handmaid’s Tale (my first Margaret Atwood! I feel like I’ve lived in a cave or something, but I really love it so far) and I’ve just ordered Larsson’s The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest which I can’t wait to read. The first two of the Millennium trilogy were totally “unputdownable”, which is an awful word but quite accurate in this case.

What are you reading? Any great recommendations? I’ve got about 20 books on my shelf that I need to get round to reading, but I’m always buying more anyway.

Here are 3 of my favourite books that I would recommend everyone reads asap:
Anna Karenina – Leo Tolstoy
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn – Betty Smith
Valley of the Dolls – Jacqueline Susann

(Screencaps by me, copyright BBC/Momentum Pictures/Samuel Goldwyn Films et al)