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Catching Up

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Kris Atomic Catching Up

I’ve had what can only be described as… a small break from blogging. You know how it is though, the longer you go without clicking publish, the harder it gets. The stuff you have to share starts piling up and then you’re like, well, if I’m going to post that I have to post THAT first. And then it’s: if I’m going to post something it better be really good so maybe I’ll wait until… And then you get out of the routine and forget about it until you get a comment notification on an old post and you start putting “update blog” on your to-do list, where it sits, making you feel progressively more and more guilty. So that’s where I’m at.

I don’t know, I feel like I’ve read this exact post on so many blogs I follow lately, especially from people I know from way way back on LiveJournal (Holla! All the best people are from LJ and you know this) who had blogs for years. I think a lot of it is that our internet presence is so fragmented now. There are so many places to share your stuff and it’s so easy, that by the time you’re sitting down to write a blog post, what’s left? It feels stupid to repeat yourself, to repost things that were shared live on Instagram days ago or whatever. I used to post ~inspiration~ which I now do on Pinterest, day-to-day photos (Instagram) and everything else is on Twitter. I guess I’m on Ello too? Not sure anyone even knows what to do with that one.

I’m not a pro-blogger. This isn’t my job. I don’t have ads and I don’t monetise my content. So it was super easy for me to go dark for months.

I don’t have the desire to share my life as much as I used to. When I started this blog (7 years ago!) and especially the LJ years before that (oh god) I wanted to blab about everything to everyone and now, I just don’t.

But I do miss posting my work, my drawings and photos and the odd long post about whatever I’m into at that moment. I’ve never apologised for my lack of blogging and I don’t intend to start now (the presumption that people are pining for your absent blog seems A BIT much), but there’s a whole world of content out there and I really do appreciate you giving precious eyeball time to mine.

So anyway, this has been a very long winded way of saying I’ll be posting some stuff and for the first time in ages I’m kinda psyched about it. Mic drop.

Shoop Shoop Shop

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

The shop is back! With all the travelling I did last year it was closed for ages, but I do solemnly swear that it’s now here to stay.

Since I’m on a redesign kick, I gave the shop a spruce up to match the new blog layout and make it a bit prettier. I’ve also added 3 new prints that have been the most requested (Unusually Modest Mermaid, Ms Valentine and Y U NO) and restocked the Chronic Bitchface prints!

Shop & shipping

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Can’t believe it’s the 5th of December, but alas holidays are very much coming so here’s a reminder of the suggested last order dates to get stuff from the shop before Christmas:

4th of December (which has obviously passed but if you get your order in today I’ll get them out same day)
South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East (including Japan), Australia and New Zealand

8th of December
Eastern Europe, USA and Canada

11th of December
Western Europe

19th of December
United Kingdom

Also, there are some new Miu Miu prints available in A3 in an edition of 10 for the first time!

I’m closing the shop on the 20th of December and it’ll be closed for all of January ’12, so if you were planning on getting something for yourself now is maybe the time!
Wishing you happy and stress-free holiday shopping in general. I’m doing all mine online this year because going irl shopping in December is horrendous.